"Intuition is a divine gift, the reasoning mind is a faithful servant. It is a paradox that we have begun nowadays to admire the servant and to profane the divine gift."

(Albert Einstein)


That also applies to the creative work of painter Doris Lenz: Intuition is to the fore. Taking risks instead of staying in line. Therefore she works with acrylic paint to directly and intuitively transfer her mind to canvas. In her impulsive way of painting she creates abstract works as well as paintings which find their expression in narration, poetry and surrealism.

In her work one can constantly find hints or hidden depictions of creatures or animals that are only revealed while thoroughly observing the paintings. This creates a constant dialogue with the observer and invites them to explore. The paintings demand from us to explore new perspectives and sometimes even to rethink what we have always known. Doris Lenz' paintings school our visual perception as well as our emotions and imagination. During the painting process, she frees herself from external constraints and rules—an emotional effort whose intensity is visible in her paintings. She continuously advances her intuitive, intrinsicely motivated artistic work all the while staying true to herself. In this way she is able to pass the rare experience of freeing herself from conventions and constraints on to the observer. As she has decided as an artist to leverage the whole diversity of artistic means, we as the obeservers are invited to enjoy them unconditionally—without being forced to classify or evaluate. Quite the opposite: Doris Lenz wants us to interpret her paintings, find our own associations and exchange our perspective with her and others.